Unlock The Power of Your Mind

“The only limitations we have are the ones we set on ourselves.”


So many times in life we talk about all of the things that

we wish we did. Sometimes they are vacations or

visits to distant family members or expensive

experiences that maybe we couldn’t afford at that time.

(I’m sure you just briefly went off in your mind

to that beautiful beach vacation you were

thinking about taking last winter!)

More often than not, these are geographical or financial

limitations that we say prevented us from being able to

participate in such events.

But what about all of the things that we said we were

going to do that don’t have geographical or financial

limitations?  Why do we let ourselves hold US back

when there are no real limitations? 


We let our minds become more limiting than a

lack of time or money. 


Once we erased the doubts of limitations, we can end

our hesitation and move into action.